Is Your 401(k) Account Killing Your Chance
For A Dream Retirement?

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This revolutionary book helps you discover if you are at risk…

Almost every working American has a 401(k) account. These investment accounts were created to help us retire wealthy and happy. But now that dream is becoming a nightmare for millions of people. This shocking new book exposes the lies, deceit, and schemes by the financial elite to take the bulk of your investment growth. Even worse, it’s all being done with the blessings of the government.

Broken Promises

This book discusses the specific ‘promises’ that are part of the 401(k) sales pitch—and exposes them as dangerous lies. These lies are causing serious harm to millions of unsuspecting victims, making it difficult if not impossible for the vast majority of people who have 401(k) plans to have enough money to retire with the standard of living they always envisioned.

Unbridled Greed

The 401(k) system is a very simple machine that consistently transfers money from your account to the financial institutions that sponsors the plan in which you are enrolled. They are legally keeping a huge chunk of your account’s earnings. This thievery is 100% legal, so it’s vital to be aware of what’s going on right under our noses.

They’re Not Smarter Than Us

Investing in the stock market isn’t that difficult. In fact, it’s easy for even the most average person to outperform most of the 401(k) and mutual fund managers. Yet somehow they have convinced us that it’s too complicated for us. They want us to feel powerless without them. This book reveals how you they do it and how you can begin to take the power back for yourself.

But Time Is Running Out

We only get one chance at retirement, so the time to focus on this is right now. Whether you are just starting your first job or looking at your retirement date coming up fast, this book gives you vital information you won’t find anywhere else. You are the person that cares most about your retirement, and you are the only one who can make the best decisions for your situation. Get educated!

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About The Author: Andy Tanner

Andy is a renowned paper assets expert and successful business owner and investor known for his ability to teach key techniques for stock options investing. In 2008, Andy was key in helping develop and launch Rich Dad’s Stock Success System, which teaches investors advanced technical trading techniques to profit from bull and bear markets. He serves as a coach to Rich Dad’s Stock Success System trainers and as the Rich Dad Advisor for Paper Assets. He is currently authoring an upcoming Rich Dad Advisor book on paper asset investing.


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